The Oil That Can Cure Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, & Even Cancer

by Shelby

The king of all oils is definitely frankincense oil, It has a long history of being used for many medical issues. There isn’t much that this oil can’t do.

This oil comes from boswellias, it is extracted from their bark to be exact. The sap which is a milky white color is quick to harden to a resin and can then be scraped off the tree in droplets often pear-shaped. Today this oil is acquired by steam distillation of the resin.  Below I will list some of the many uses for frankincense oil.

  • Heal wounds (cuts, scrapes, burns)
  • Reduce scars- Apply it directly to your scars along with coconut oil, you will notice a dramatic reduction.
  • Strong immune system promotion- Massaging a few drops of this oil into the balls of your feet every night before bed will promote a healthy immune system.
  • Neurological Support- This oil is known to help with the function of the central nervous system and can help balance emotions.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety- When you’re feeling stressed rub some of this oil on the back of your neck. It will help you to calm down.
  • Head tension- Yes, you can use this oil to relieve tension in your head (headaches, migraines, etc)
  • Memory- It can improve one’s memory and even balance hormones.
  • Congestion- Adding this to a bowl of hot water and draping a towel over your head to allow you to inhale the steam will reduce congestion dramatically. The vapors work wonders on your sinuses.
  • Aging skin- Add a few drops to your daily moisturizer.
  • Joint pain and swelling- This oil can reduce swelling and joint pain just rub it on achy joints throughout the day and watch the magic happen.
  • Relieve itching- This will bring almost immediate relief when dealing with an itchy rash or bug bite.
  • Oral health- Mixing this with coconut oil makes a sort of homemade toothpaste that prevents toothaches, cavities, and canker sores.

So you see there really are may different things this oil can do for us. The main things that stick out to me though are the stress relieving benefits and the migraine relief benefits and it actually really does work! It works to slow down your breathing and calm you which really does relieve tension and anxiety. If you’d like to learn more about this super beneficial oil watch the videos below.

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