The Real Reason Why Wheat Is Toxic (It’s Not The Gluten)

by Shelby

It seems many people suffer from wheat allergies or digestive issues caused by wheat in the United States but for some reason have suffered no issue when eating pastas and things from other countries like Italy. How could this be?

Some people have issues eating wheat at restaurants yet have no issue with the wheat they eat at home, everyone seems to be wondering how this could be. It is very apparent that something is going on with the wheat that we are not completely aware of. It is something that seems to go far beyond non-organic and organic labeling. Something much different than just gluten or hybridization.

It couldn’t just be the hybrids or the Gluten as we have been consuming these for thousands of years and yet only have begun having a major issues with them in the past ten years or so it seems. The problem lies in the manor it is harvested by most conventional wheat farmers. Wheat fields are drenched in roundup just a few days before they are harvested. Thus meaning maybe it is not the gluten or even the wheat itself causing these health issues it is the roundup.

You see roundup contains glyphosate which is a very deadly ingredient. Glyphosate can do much more harm to us than you could ever imagine. Yet, farmers everywhere are dousing their wheat in this to make it easier to harvest. Roundup is known to significantly disrupt the functioning of many beneficial bacteria in our gut and can contribute to autoimmune disease symptoms. We must avoid this toxic wheat as best we can.

With or without a gluten or wheat sensitivity this herbicide can still do an awful lot of damage to your body. If you keep consuming this type of thing you will develop an issue. Please take the time to watch these videos below.

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