Pharmaceutical Antibiotics Can Cause Horrific Side Effects

by Shelby

Are you aware of how bad off the CDC and pharmaceutical medicines really are? They have placed antibiotics and vaccines as the two most important medical breakthroughs of the twentieth century!

Did you know that there are very terrible things that can come from vaccines and antibiotics? One of the adverse effects of antibiotics is something known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. This syndrome is pretty horrifying, it is where the person who has it is literally burning from the inside out. Their whole body begins to blister to the point where they actually have to be treated as a burn victim. What this is technically a compromised skin barrier function. The epidermis separated from the dermis. There is also literally no way to determine who will come down with this type of reaction.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics are known to deplete digestion and immune system supporting probiotic bacteria meaning that those who take them need to be on a probiotic supplementation. The pharmaceutical antibiotics are virtually like the cancer chemotherapy drugs. In the way that they kill everything in sight without differentiating between the good guys and the bad guys.  Studies have also revealed that use of these antibiotics can cause adverse neurological events. Some that are temporary and others that are considered chronic. One study done by a Dr. Shamik Bhattacharyya (Harvard Medical School and Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston) analyzed three hundred and ninety-one  patients who spun over a seventy year period and had suffered adverse neurological events from antibiotics.

Many of these patients suffered from hallucinations, delusions, muscle twitching, seizures, and other things of the sort. Over half of these cases also had abnormal EEG tests which measure the brains electrical activity. These antibiotics seem to also interfere with normal signaling within the brain. Each antibiotic affects the brain differently causing different patterns of toxicity. But if course lots of people were not effected by the antibiotics at all. For more information please watch the following videos closely.

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