Instead Of Pharmaceutical Drugs, These Physicians Are Prescribing Time In Nature And Fruit, Vegetables For Patients

by Shelby

As I am sure you are already aware pharmaceutical drug use is something off the charts nowadays. Luckily for some one group of physicians have decided to take a different approach.

These so called park prescriptions have been around at least since 2008 but it seems the idea itself has become more widespread now that ever throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world.  Obesity and mental health issues have been continuously increasing in numbers and these prescriptions may be able to help. These are prescriptions for things like fruit and veggies that the patient can get filled at their local market.

This method actually seems to work much better than popping pills. One physician in San Francisco Daphne Miller is known for writing these park prescriptions. She prescribes things like walking or running for 45 minutes, exercising, and more. She feels it is easier to maintain an exercise program when outside. This is because of the change in scenery. She had written hundreds of these park prescriptions and does not plan to stop any time soon. Her patients have shown great success in curbing their health issues.

There is growing evidence that contact with nature helps to prevent and even ease many chronic illnesses associated with urban life. This trend seems to be catching fire in other places as well it has became quite popular in Australia. What do you think about this? Are food and exercise prescriptions something that will become bigger as it progresses? Do you think this will help cut down on obesity here in the United States?

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