Seed Bomber Can Plant 900,000 Trees A Day

by Shelby

We may finally be reusing old airplanes for a good reason! This is so amazing!

After making a few changes to these old airplanes they are now able to drop seeds instead of landmines. This is thanks to Lockheed Martin and Aerial Reforestation Inc. They have anticipated that we will be able to plant at least one billion trees a year with this. This method is being referred to as “seed bombing” and it is becoming increasingly popular.


Aerial reforestation can be used in any area that has contained trees before as well as some desserts. It removes the equipment usually needed when it comes to planting seeds by hand. Some of these trees can grow three feet per year this means once they reach five foot the can be considered mature. It appears there are many kinds of trees that reach maturity in under ten years. This is a process that can help to counteract the negative effects from cutting down forests in general. Using this method we are able to plant several hundred times the amount of trees being cut down.

For more information on this fascinating process please watch the video below. I am blown away. This is something we have needed for a long time.

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