Scientists Have Found A Drug That Regenerates Teeth, And it Could Leave Dentists Without Work

by Shelby

A drug has finally been identified that can actually regenerate your teeth from the inside out! This amazing find is likely to reduce the need for artificial fillings!

This drug has in the past been used in Alzheimer’s clinical trials however, it’s ability to improve tooth health is unignorable. This drug works by activating the stem cells inside the center of the tooth. Thus, promoting the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Then your body does its job and regenerates the damaged area and hardens the dentin material that the tooth is made up of. Thia is ideal as it is overly simple and could be considered a ‘natural’ treatment for large cavities. This drug is known as Tideglusib and it may very well cut out fillings altogether. During one study with this drug it was applied to the cavity using a biodegradable collagen sponge and everything was then sealed up inside.

The team was able to see improvement in just a few weeks. The collagen sponge had degraded and the teeth involved in this had regenerated enough to completely fill the gap. While this process could be considered similar to cavity filling it is much more effective.

Personally, I am skeptical of anything that involves pharmaceuticals. However, for some people, this could be a life saver!

For more information on this and how amazing our teeth really are when it comes to repairing themselves please watch the video below.

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