Revolutionary Earbuds That Translate ANY Language into ANY Language

by Shelby

Earbuds were a revolutionary invention! They changed the way people listened to music all over the world. But, these new ear buds that were invented are about to change the world entirely!

These earbuds are a tremendous breakthrough in technology. They will literally change the world and the way we communicate today. The earbuds have the ability to translate any language into any other language! This invention will fill a huge gap between foreign affairs and travelers all over the world! You no longer have to carry around that translator dictionary everywhere you go when you travel to internationally.

The amazing invention was the product of two years of research and development by Waverly Labs. Waverly Labs is a technology firm located in New York. Waverly Labs is an innovative consumer electronics company created in 2014 by the convergence of wearable technology and speech translation. The earbuds work in near real-time although Ochoa has said it lags behind Skype Translator, the most impressive language translator out at the moment, which translates voice and video calls in real-time. The pilot does its work without having to be online, though. This is the first generation of this tech but once it launches future iterations will include more languages. Waverly Labs also hopes to eventually bring out versions where the device will only need to listen to the world around it and then translate that, meaning no ear pieces.

The earpiece pre-orders will cost between $129 – $179 (you can nab it for the cheaper price if you’re among the first 100 backers). When it officially launches, the retail price will cost $250 – $300. However, because the Pilot requires two earpieces, it will likely only capture the voice of the person wearing it, which already makes it better than Google Translate for regular use in the real world — that is, as long as the translation engine is as good as Google’s or better.

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