In Case of Emergency, Remove Your Bra. This is Not Silly, This is Science!

by Shelby

An amazing Ukrainian scientist has created something extremely interesting. Your bra might be able to do more than you think.

Dr. Elena Bodnar has created a bra that can be turned into an emergency face mask. This can help protect you against things like lethal chemical explosions and biological hazards. While it looks just like any average bra this one happens to be anything butt! You can take this ‘EBra’ off, separate the cups from one another and place your mouth and nose into it’s interior. You can then extend the bra strap over your head and breathe normally.

Bodnar won the 2009 lg Nobel Public Health Prize for this invention. This is something that can truly help people and is definitely without a doubt thinking outside the box in its truest form. For a little more on this and to see her acceptance speech please watch the video below.

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