Have You Purchased These 4 Dangerous, Fake Supplements

by Shelby

Corporation’s control all of our food, water, and medications. Because of this, they lie to us about what we are ingesting, and they use chemicals that cause tons of health defects – and we don’t even know we consuming them.

You simply can not trust big corporations these days. Because corporations completely control everything we consume, we have to be very careful when it comes to selecting things – especially drugs. I personally, would recommend everyone to stay completely away from pharmaceutical drugs. But what about supplements? Well, some supplements aren’t even supplements at all. It is reasons like this you have to always be extremely careful. Some of these supplement brands are even claiming to be organic when they are knowingly toxic.

There are 4 main supplements that are being sold at Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. They are literally fake supplements and could be causing a handful of side effects. When you’re choosing supplements it is best to get them at a local health store – and no, not a GNC. Avoid anything from China, and especially the 4 supplements below!

1.GNC Herbal supplements

Supplements have been proven to contain allergens such as peanuts and soybeans. Soybeans are also massively genetically modified.

2. Target’s St. John Wort, Valerian Root and Ginkgo Biloba

these contain zero herbal ingredients. They are rather stuffed with carrots, peas, and rice.

3. Walmart’s Ginseng Supplements

Pill contains zero traces of ginseng. It is instead powdered rice and garlic.

4. Walmart’s Memory Boosting Ginkgo Biloba

Contains radishes and wheat. Ironically, this specific supplement claims to be gluten free and wheat free…

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