Fake Organic Food from China is Flooding Store Shelves. Here is What You Need to Know

by Shelby

There are literally all kinds of toxic chemicals and poisons in our food today, and for that very reason, more and more people are making an effort to swap over to organic foods. However, the organic food they’re eating might not be so organic after all.

Because of corporate greed, you can’t really trust any name brands nowadays. They will sneak toxic and lethal poisons into our food just to save pennies. For some reason, big corporate brands are also allowed to mislabel and disinclude the real ingredients in their products. Researchers have now realized that some organic food brands originating from China are not at all organic. In fact, they’re really bad for your health.

Organic products that come from china have been found to contain mass amounts of heavy metals. While there are rules regarding chemicals and pesticides, there are none regarding outside environmental factors such as pollution. For example, a farmer from China can use water polluted with mercury and it will still be certified organic. You will also have some trouble finding out how your organic food was created because China has almost no environmental regulations; no wonder they’re on the verge of environmental disasters.

As if it isn’t bad enough already, Chinese herbs and supplements have also been found to be contaminated with mass amounts of lead. Many people may be taking supplements that originate from China to increase their overall health, but they’re actually doing quite the opposite. Because vitamins and supplements are not held under the same regulations as pharmaceuticals it can be super easy for toxic chemicals to find their way into them.

If you’re looking to get healthy and start eating organically, make sure that the food, vitamins, or supplements that you are consuming do not originate from China. While some of them aren’t toxic, it is better safe than sorry right?

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