14 Weird Ways To Tell If You’re Having A Boy Or Girl

by Shelby

Maternity and pregnancy are so exciting in itself. One of the most exciting things about it is finding out the gender! While you usually can’t tell the gender of your baby until late term, there are some odd ways that you can find out the gender of your baby!

The universe has a weird way of telling you things and so does your body. These are some ancient wives tales, but they seem to be accurate. I mean, I’ve never been pregnant, but according to research, it is. Anyways, here are 18 weird ways to determine the gender of your baby.

  • Carrying High or Low – many people believe that you can determine the gender of a baby by how high or low they rest in the womb. You tend to carry a boy lower and a girl higher!
  • Heart Rate – the heart rate of an unborn female is commonly higher than that of a male.
  • Cravings – this wise tale says that if you crave sweet things during a pregnancy you will have a girl. If you have sour cravings it is likely that it will be a boy. I know it’s crazy, but I’m not the one who came up with it!
  • Chinese Calendar – Many people claim that this is the most accurate way to predict the gender of your baby. Using the mother’s age and month of conception it calculates whether you will have a boy or a girl.
  • Mayan Gender Prediction – this is similar to Chinese calendar, however a bit different. It uses the mother’s age and year of conception too, however, if both numbers are even or odd, then it’s a boy. If they are odd and even then it is a girl!
  • Complexion – many people believe that the mother’s complexion during pregnancy can determine the gender of the baby. Moms of girls are more prone to breakouts too.
  • Morning sickness – other wise tales say that if you are suffering from morning sickness then it is a boy and the opposite for a girl
  • Sleep Position – If you are sleeping on the left side during pregnancy then it is expected to be a boy, while right side sleeping indicates a girl.
  • Moodiness – moodiness during pregnancy usually means it is a girl. If you are more relaxed and emotionally stable it is a boy.
  • Basketball Belly – if your baby is more out front then it is a boy, and if you are carrying it with your entire abdomen then it will be a girl.
  • Dreams – according to many people if you are dreaming that you have a boy, it is.
  • Linea Negra – if your linea negro goes only to your belly button it might be a girl. If it stretches all the way to your ribs it might be a boy.
  • Breast Changes – if your breast feels fuller and bigger it is most likely a girl. If they are soft and appear to have no change it is probably a boy.
  • Face Reading – baby girls can take some of your beauty. If you are starting to feel uglier, it might be your little girl taking it from you! Don’t worry it’ll reappear.

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