Harvard Scientists Reveal The Damage Instant Noodles Cause and It Will Leave You In Shock

by Shelby

Ah, good ole’ instant noodles, they are a favorite among many, but you wouldn’t eat them if you knew what they could do to your body. Believe me, after you read this you will never eat them again!

While you might think they are a little better than fast food the are not. Dr. B. Kuo from the Massachusetts General Hospital has taken the time to conduct an experiment investigating the effects of instant noodles on the stomach and digestive tract. In doing this he used a small pill-sized camera to get a view from the inside. Even after a few hours, the noodles were still intact inside the consumer’s body and no nutrients was being absorbed.

Synthetic chemicals remained in the digestive system long after the noodles were gone and can cause many different adverse effects on the consumer. These Synthetic chemicals are often added to processed foods we eat like the beans from taco bell and even Reese’s peanut butter cups. So instant noodles are just as unhealthy as Taco Bell food.

One of these synthetic chemicals is known as TBHQ and can lead to things like vomiting, tinnitus, collapse, and nausea. People who consume noodles twice a week ( if not more) are at an almost seventy percent increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Consuming instant noodles is going to hurt your health in the long run. It is not wise to eat them. They can cause things like chronic inflammation, weight gain, and many other health issues over time. Avoid processed foods at all costs.

A study conducted by Harvard University scientists that researched the impact of instant noodles on health, came to a result not many of us want to believe: regular instant noodle consumption increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, which means having health problems such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and increased risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. The risk of metabolic syndrome does not depend on lifestyle, which means that the probability of otherwise healthy and fit people falling ill is the same as for unhealthy and unfit persons.

Let this be a lesson for you; just because you can make it at home does not make it a healthy food. Do yourself a favor, pick up a package of rice noodles at the grocery store, and season it up like ramen.

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