Ann Cameron Cured Her Stage-4 Cancer with Only One Ingredient

by Shelby

Ann Cameron is an amazing children’s book author who was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer back in 2012. She was able to overcome this disease in a pretty astounding way.

When diagnosed she underwent surgery and was advised to start chemotherapy. She refused because of how unsuccessful the form of treatment was for her husband who she lost in 2005. She studied many different alternative treatment methods and ended up coming across the works of Ralph Cole. Cole managed to cure skin cancer with the consumption of five pounds of carrot juice a day.

She started this treatment the day she found out about it and in just eight weeks the spread of her cancer had stopped. This was shown through her medical tests. After just four short months of treatment the tumor she had was decreasing in size dramatically. It only took eight months to rid herself of this cancer completely without chemotherapy.

You can also combine the consumption of carrot juice with other remedies for an even better outcome. This amazing woman was able to cure her disease with carrot juice alone. No chemotherapy, no traditional treatment besides the initial surgery. How fantastic! Carrots have been studied for quite some time and have been proven to have anticancer effects because of the falcarinol in them. This is truly amazing! For more information on Cameron’s experience please watch the video below.

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