Cannabis Oil Cures 3 Year Old Boy of Cancer After Doctors Gave Him 48 Hours to Live

by Shelby

This young boy was riddled with Leukemia, His whole chest was infected with tumors and he was barely able to breathe.

His name is Landon Riddle, doctors had told him and his family that he only had a ten percent chance of surviving. He was told he had no more than two days left in this world. This young boy underwent chemotherapy for two whole months in the hopes that it would help, He then became incredibly sick and even refused to eat.

Landon would vomit around fifty times a day and his way of life at this point was not a good one. Doctors had given up hope and somehow his grandmother decided to step up and suggest they try something else. Cannabis, Landon, and his family moved to Colorado where he was able to undergo cannabis treatment legally. It only took a matter of days for Landon to feel better.

Landon was able to begin eating again and was no longer vomiting. He is now alive and well. Had they not decided to give cannabis a try Landon would not be here today. To learn more about this precious little boy and his story please watch the video below. Cannabis truly is a miracle drug.

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