7 Simple Homemade Pregnancy Tests & When to Take Them

by Shelby

If for whatever reason you are unable to buy a pregnancy test, and you think you might be pregnant, you do not have to worry. There are many other ways to tell whether or not you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy tests are expensive, and it’s nothing but a red alarm having that baby in the trash can. It’s just a game to find out who finds it first. However, mother nature has her own way of determining maternity. In fact, believe it or not, women figured out they were pregnant for thousands of years before pregnancy tests were ever invented! Pregnancy tests detect pregnancy hormones in your urine. It nourishes the egg once it is attached to the uterine wall and can be found between 11 and 14 days after conception.

However pregnancy tests are extremely effective and accurate, you might not be able to get your hands on one. If this is the case, here are 7 effective ways to determine your pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

Pregnant women will experience morning sickness as one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. If you arise out of bed, get extremely nauseated, and lunge for the toilet to puke your guts out, you might be pregnant.


After putting three tablespoons of sugar in a bowl, pour your urine over it. If the sugar dissolves, you’re pregnant. If it doesn’t, you’re not.


Carefully place bleach into a container with your urine. If the liquid makes small changes such a foams, and disappears, you are not pregnant. However, if it fizzes and creates a foam, you are.


Vinegar can be used for so many things, even for pregnancy. Urinate in a jar first thing in the morning and add a tablespoon of vinegar. Let it stand still for 20 minutes. The result is positive if the mixture creates a soapy lather and changes color. It’s negative if there’s no change in density or color.


Put some toothpaste on a clean plate and add a few drops of urine. If the paste reacts (such as foaming, bubbling or changing color), you’re pregnant. It nothing happens, you’re not pregnant!


Mix a little bit of cooking oil with your urine. If the oil and urine merge into one big drop, you’re preggo. If the oil divides into small drops, you’re not pregnant.

Pine Sol

add a cup of pine sol floor cleaner in a bowl. Urinate in the bowl, and pay attention to the color. If it changes your pregnant, if it doesn’t, you’re not.

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