6 Conditions That Are Caused By Sleeping With Wet hair, Stop Doing it Right Now!

by Shelby

We have all gone to bed with wet hair at some point or another. I know I have done this more than a handful of times.

My grandmother would often tell me how it was not good to do and how I should stop. However, is there really any sort of danger that can be associated with going to bed with wet hair? There is.

You see moisture retained too long in the hair can cause the scalp to become inflamed. This is itchy and painful, to say the least. It will cause a lot of damage to your hair and you will not be a happy camper.

Going to bed with wet hair can cause all of the following health issues:

Hair Breakage

When hair is wet it is much more likely to break. You will need to be especially careful when our hair is wet. If you go to bed with wet hair every night it can be bad for your overall appearance.

This happens because our body temperature rises when we are sleeping. As our bodies heat up the moisture in our hair can cause a headache from the temperature difference. If you are like me this explains a lot, I am a headache magnet.

As you may have noticed our pillows can be quite nasty, they absorb all of our sweat through the night and wet hair carries moisture down into the pillow. This is without a doubt a disgusting nest for bacteria. Sleeping with wet hair increases your chances of getting infections because of this.

Muscle Pain

The sudden temperature change from sleeping can sometimes cause muscle pain if your head is wet. It can lead to severe cramps that are not fun for anyone and in extreme cases leave you with something called facial paralysis.

Itchy Rashes
Sleeping with wet hair can and will cause different types of itching. The moisture will act along with the skin on your head and in some cases, you will develop a rash. This is unsightly and feels terrible.

Not drying your hair will most likely have a negative effect o your sebaceous glands and it your scalp will produce more oil. This can disrupt your bodies natural pH balance and cause you to suffer from dandruff be it severe or minor.

All of these things can be major setbacks depending on the severity. It is always best to make sure your hair is dried before going to sleep. If you want to keep the hair on your head healthy dry it properly, don’t let yourself do unnecessary damage.

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