11 Life-Saving Facts Everyone Should Know

by Shelby

When it comes to living our lives we tend to forget about how dangerous everyday life really is. We should be prepared for little disasters regardless of the situation.

We should know these eleven things for life-saving situations. Being prepared is important we can get choked while eating, attacked by sharks (it does happen), or even drown. It is important to know what to do when we find ourselves in trouble.

11 Life-Saving Things We All Should Know

1. If you are around someone who has been stabbed or impaled by a sharp object do not pull the object out.

Most people pull the object out without thinking of what will happen this can be extremely dangerous. Unless the object is blocking an airway it should not be removed, this will cause further tissue damage and cause the person to bleed out.


2. When falling off of a high building or cliff try to break the fall up a bit by hitting ledges and relax.

Make sure your knees are bent and land feet first if possible. While falling like this is not likely it does happen. If you are falling from something with ledges or branches it is better to try to break the fall up by hitting them in order to slow yourself down.

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3. Pay attention to the eyes when taking photos you can actually determine if someone has a specific type of cancer this way.

Sometimes when we take a photograph the eyes come out red. Now, sometimes strange things happen to where only one eye is red and maybe in the picture, there is a yellow tone or white glow where the red would have been this can be an indicator for something known as retinoblastoma. While it is a rare type of cancer it is most common in children.


4. When in a bind condoms can hold at least two liters of water.

While this is something you wouldn’t think you would use to hold water if you happen to have condoms on hand and are lost in the woods while camping it can be vital information. Sure, it may taste a bit off but it will hold a good amount of water while you are searching for where you need to go. I do suggest wrapping the condom in a sock though as they are very fragile. You can also use condoms to keep your cell phones, matches, and things of that sort from getting wet.


5. If you find yourself in a sinking car and you cannot open the door try removing the neck rest.

Some cars have removable neck rests that are heavy enough to be used to smash windows in the event you have nothing else. I do however strongly suggest rolling your window down upon impact or opening your door. However, sometimes those two options are gone before we notice we are even in the water.

6. If you see someone being electrocuted do not touch the person, either find the switch and cut it off or knock the person over with a stick or something nonconductive.

This will keep the person from getting hurt further and prevent you from getting electrocuted at all. Because a person being electrocuted is unable to let go of the source it is critical that we either cut the source or knock the person away from it.

7. You can do the Heimlich maneuver on yourself.

Of course, the first thing you should do is cough to try and clear the obstruction. If this doesn’t work and there is no one around to help you should form a fist with your strongest hand and place it just below your ribcage and above the navel. Put the other palm over your fist so that you will be able to push more firmly and drive your fist up using force repeatedly. Do this until the object is no longer stuck. Be careful when doing this.


8. If you are being attacked by a shark go for the eyes.

Yes, most people would tell you to punch it in the nose, while this will distract it for a second it will not deter the shark enough for you to get away. Going for the eyes is your best bet. A finger to the eye is much more effective than a punch to the nose. Being attacked by a shark is not likely but being prepared can be the difference in life or death.

9. If you think you may have testicular cancer take a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy tests work because they detect the hormone known as beta human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is present in pregnant women and men who have testicular cancer. If you test positive when taking a pregnancy test and you’re a man you should see a doctor as soon as possible.


10. If you are drowning you should take your jeans off. 

If you are in a situation where you are drowning or may drown and happen to be wearing jeans take them off, zip them up, knot the ends, and wave them over your head to fill them with air, knot the waist, and use them as a flotation device. This is something most people don’t know but it can save your life. If you almost drown then you should see a doctor to make sure you won’t be going through ‘secondary drowning.’ Even if you feel fine after your lungs could be filling up with fluid without you even noticing.

11. Always keep a phone on you whether it has service or not.

Most phones can call 911 whether you have service or not on the phone, some even call without a sim card. I actually keep an old flip phone in my purse along with my current phone in case an emergency occurs and my phone happens to be dead. Also, 112 is the international 911 in most places.


Just because you don’t think it will happen to you does not mean you shouldn’t be prepared for it. Life throws things our way on a daily basis. When it comes to all of the situations above remember not to panic above all else. You can make it through any of these if you remember these life-saving facts. Be safe!


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