Want to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half? Take These 3 Steps

by Shelby

Groceries are expensive, now more so than ever. We are spending sometimes half of our paychecks on food!

While this may feel unavoidable it is. We can buy groceries and still not have to pay an arm and a leg. These simple steps will help you to cut your food bill in half. Have you ever heard of Steve and Annette Economides? They are the authors of a book called Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half With America’s Cheapest Family and according to them, groceries are not as big a challenge as we think.

The Economides say that they have been able to feed their family of even with about $350 a month! How intense is that? This couple claims to meticulously plan and get all the food needed by spending four hours shopping.

Here’s how to cut your grocery bill in half:

1. Cut down on grocery store visits

If you have picked up the habit of going to the store more than once a week you need to stop! This is something that can cause us to spend more without noticing. Reducing the amount of trips you make will prove to be more efficient when saving money.

2. Have a family meal plan

Plan the whole months worth of meals out before going shopping. This is the best thing when it comes to saving money, you won’t be buying any unnecessary things if you have a list. I always make sure to have a meal plan and list before I go shopping for the month.

3. Look for deals 

You don’t have to become one of those extreme couponers but you can still benefit from sales and such. Sometimes buying items in bulk will save you a ton of money in the long run as well. The Economides have mentioned that they like to bulk buy and freeze things till they put them to use. Granted don’t buy something just because it is on sale. If you buy something on sale and never use it, that’s a waste of money.

Doing these three simple things can and will benefit you greatly. If you have a family of three or four you should easily be able to eat for a whole month without breaking the bank. There are tons of cheap and easy recipes online that are fantastic. When you’re headed to the store next stop and think, take the time to put these three steps into action. Plan your meals, don’t go to the store multiple times a week, and catch good deals. You will be eating well and feeling great with all that extra cash in your pocket. Enjoy!

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