Why You Should Eat Avocado Seed and How to Make it Tasty

by Shelby

Avocado itself is loaded with benefits for your health but the part if the avocado we often overlook is the seed. Did you know the seed held amazing benefits as well?

The seed is actually the most nutrient dense part of the avocado. We should never throw it away. We should take advantage of all the avocado has to offer than the includes the seed itself. Avocado seeds are packed with soluble fiber and antioxidants that help regulate things like intestinal function. Ingesting the seed will also up the amount of collagen in your skin giving you a younger wrinkle-free look.

In order to implement the seed in your diet simply cut it into quarters and throw it into a food processor or grinder. Add it to your meals or even smoothies. The powder itself will be bitter but added to other things will make it almost seem tasteless. For more information on the avocado seed and its benefits please watch the video below.

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