Why Gynecologist Keep This as a Secret

by Shelby

Did you know there is a vaginal disease that affects one-third of women who are of childbearing age? Are you dealing with this disease?

This disease is known as Vaginitis and to sum it up is an inflammation of the lining of the vagina caused by pathogenic fungi or bacteria. Our vaginas are homes to many different microorganisms. Some that are beneficial and others that are not. The balance of these microorganisms depends on our age, function of your ovaries, and lifestyle. That is because all of these things affect the glycogen content of the vaginal wall. This glycogen is converted into high concentrations of lactic acid. It is then used to prevent bad bacteria from spreading.

The symptoms associated with vaginitis can be brutal. If you have ever had any sort of genital issue you know how uncomfortable and embarrassing it really is. Vaginitis is a very serious issue.

Symptoms of Vaginitis

  • Change in color of discharge from your vagina.
  • Change in odor of discharge from your vagina.
  • Change in amount of discharge from your vagina.
  • Pain during intercourse.
  • Pain during urination.
  • Vaginal itching or irritation.
  • Light vaginal bleeding or spotting.

Drugs and other chemicals can cause allergic reactions and severe dryness of the vagina. Antibiotics should not be used because they can actually cause the spread of fungal infections. If these things won’t do any good then how can we rid ourselves of vaginitis? 

The answer to that is quite simple. There are many different natural remedies that will normalize the microflora of the vagina and eliminate the signs of vaginitis. Now before you do these it is best to find out whether your disease is being caused by yeast or bacteria. This will help you to better treat the issue.

Home Remedies for Vaginitis

Lemon Juice

For this remedy, you will need to dissolve one teaspoon of lemon juice into two cups of lukewarm water. Douche with this mixture. Do not do this too much just once (maybe twice at most) a week for a month.

Chamomile Tea

Bring two cups of water to a boil and add one tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers. Allow them to simmer for about fifteen minutes. Rinse and wash with this potion. Follow this treatment until the microflora is normalized.


Mix one tablespoon of 9% acidity vinegar in two cups of boiling water. Allow it to boil for just a few minutes, then rinse the external parts of your vagina with this. Do this every single day until the symptoms are gone.

Cranberry Juice

This is probably the oldest trick in the book but yes, if you drink organic cranberry juice you can successfully treat a yeast related vaginal infection. This is because it helps to restore the pH balance of your vagina.

These remedies are not hard things to do. They are simple things that will without a doubt improve your vaginal health. If you’re dealing with this type of issue and either are too embarrassed to get help or can’t seem to find anything that will work give these remedies a try.

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