What Cannabis Does to Your Body Depending on How You Ingest It (Infographic)

by Shelby

People most commonly believe that smoking cannabis is just as healthy as ingesting it or an oil; well, this is wrong as smoking it changes the chemical structures of the THC, while it is still beneficial, it does pose certain risks.


Smoking is bad for your lungs – no matter what it is your smoking. While cigarettes contain harsh carcinogen chemicals they are much more harmful than smoking weed. However, smoking weed is still bad for you. It still creates tar in your lungs and can lead to other respiratory problems. It also alters the molecules of the plant. When they are heated or burned, it changes the acidity of the compounds and it additionally changes the chemical compound itself. You’re still smoking marijuana, but you don’t get near a number of benefits.

Cannabis oil is an amazing medication that can treat virtually anything. Cannabis, in general, is such an amazing natural medicine, oil just happens to be the most efficient way of obtaining those benefits. Some known benefits of cannabis oil are resolved sleep issues, boosted appetite, relieved pain, cancer prevention, increases heart health, and many other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy.

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