This Is What Causes the Mysterious Spots and Specks That Float Around in Your Vision

by Shelby

From an early age, I noticed eye floaters and back then I remember thinking “What in the world is in my eye? Am I going to die?” Well, as it turns out these eye floaters are normal and everyone gets them.

You know what I am referring to right? Those almost see through specks that wander in your field of vision? Sometimes they are visible and other times they are not. Most of the time when we see them we are moving our eyes shifting focus from one thing to another. If you have noticed then at some point and wondered if it was okay. I am here to tell you that it is. These little eye floaters actually belong inside our eyes.

Inside of our eyes, there is a substance called vitreous gel. It is almost like jelly. As we get older the gel becomes more like liquid and less like jelly. This makes the microscopic fibers in the gel clump together sometimes. That is what eye floaters are made of.

When light passes in our eyes the gel projects a shadow onto our retina. This meaning we are able to faintly see the clumped up fibers and even some red blood cells floating around. I honestly find this to be extremely interesting and as a pointer hope that you explain to your children what these eye floaters are. If I thought I was going to die informing the little ones is probably a good idea. For more information please watch the video below.

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