This is How My Eyes Changed Color After Eating Raw Vegan For 6 Years

by Shelby

Have you ever seen any of FullyRawKristina’s videos on YouTube? If you have chances are you know that she used to have dark eyes and now they are almost blue in color, she mentions this in a few videos.

Before she began her raw diet her eyes were more of a lighter brown caramel coffee color but now they seem to be more of a light hazel with a caramel ring around her iris. This, of course, was something she found to be quite interesting. She decided to see an Iridologist and learned why exactly this had happened. (See her video addressing this change below.)

For those who do not know an Iridologist is someone who is well rounded in Iridology an alternative medicine technique that claims patterns, colors, and other things about out iris and eyes, in general, can be examined to determine things about our health. She was told that the color change was brought on by her diet change because she is more ‘clean’ on the inside now. Dr. Morse, a detoxification specialist, and Iridologist has actually made a series of videos on how raw diets can change the color of your eyes. If you look at the chart below you will see that the top quadrant of each eye is related to the brain specifically and that other areas relate back to other things.

When you consider the amount of toxins we are ingesting on a daily basis it seems insane that you can see it in your eyes but it really does make sense. Kristina grew up with a diet high in fat that was not all that health so of course when she went raw her eyes changed. Check out the video below for more information on this as explained by Dr. Morse himself.

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