Nigerian Court Rules Coca-Cola Products Unfit For Human Consumption, Citizens Call For Boycott

by Shelby

Coca-cola is a major food brand that distributes some of the best tasting soda products out there. However their deliciousness, their products are seriously so toxic for you – it isn’t worth the cold pop.

This isn’t the first time we have heard of Coca-cola deceiving our health; in fact, this isn’t even the first article I’ve written about it. Coca-cola is a company merely interested in millions of profits – and they’re getting it at the expensive of your health. However, with the growing awareness of processed food dangers, people are realizing how terrible coke really is for us. There have been many studies linking coca-cola products to health issues. For example, if you drink Coca-Cola every single day it’ll begin to eat away at your bones from the inside out!

In today’s society is hardly ever feels like big companies and CEO’s are never served any real justice. They’re feeding us poison and getting away with it – for the most part. In fact, A Nigerian high court has ruled that coke, Fanta, and sprite could all be labeled as hazardous to humans. This is because of the chemicals they use in the drinks such as benzoic acid and other artificial additives.

The coke issue was originally brought to surface in Nigeria because a court case involving sprite and fanta. There was a shipment dropped off in the United Kingdom where health officials decided that the drinks weren’t safe for humans. The health authorities ran tests on the products and they made some interesting findings. They found that the drinks contained too much benzoic acid and food coloring.

Benzoic Acid

Benzoic acid is a white, crystalline powder. It has a faint odor and is naturally found in many plants. However, it is also found in many different industrial environments. It can be used in perfumes, dyes, medications, and insect repellents… and Coke. it is commonly used as pH adjuster and a preservative. Exposure to this chemical can result in eye damage, skin irritation, and lung irritation.

Coca-cola is still fighting the Nigerian ruling, saying the levels should be set higher. They also claim they adhere to all safe food regulations, but we know that’s not true. In the meantime, stay away from coke products!

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