These Incredible Kids Have Been Taught How To Open Their Third Eye & Read Blindfolded!

by Shelby

The ability to open up your third eye is amazing! If you do not believe in it, just watch this video. These kids have the ability to read anything – while blindfolded!

These children are able to do pretty much anything while completely blindfolded. They can read books, play games, draw identical pictures beside ones the interviewer drew, and it even gets more phenomenal than that.


There actually has been many different videos circulating around the internet recently of people reading while blindfolded. The people have the ability to do this because they have opened their third eye. The third eye opens naturally, yet the process is gradual and you can’t expect to have your third eye blossoming after a few meditations. The first step towards igniting the flame within this chakra is to have a sit down with yourself, and measure the importance of spirituality in your life.

This one girl they interviewed in that video named Lucy seems to possess a stronger sense of psychic ability than some of the others. While the interviewer is drawing different pictures for her while she’s blindfolded. The problem is that many people will jump to an array of reasons to discredit this, and many similar videos and studies. Many people will claim that they can see through the blindfold, even though a suspicious crew member filming the interview tried it on themselves to verify that it was indeed not see-through. She is able to tell exactly what he is drawing even before he turns the paper to face her. Just watch the video below! It is amazing!

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