These Beautiful Tattoos Look Like Delicate Watercolor Paintings

by Shelby

The art of tattooing is something that is constantly evolving. Crisp clear lines and bold colors are not the only way.

As technology and art advance we are able to come up with some amazing things. One tattoo shop in Korea known as Aro Tattoo specializes in quite the floral aesthetic. The artist’s name is Silo and she uses soft line partnered with bright colors to do fantastic things.

Her works look more like watercolor paintings than tattoos. She draws inspiration from flowers and animals. Her feminine floral creations are truly mindblowing. This is extremely creative and a great way to put your own spin on things. ‘Watercolor’ style tattoos are something that can help make them more acceptable as well in my opinion. Some people associate them with being dark and ominous but there is nothing ominous or dark about a pretty little flower tattoo that looks like it came off of a teacup. To see some of her work please look over the photos below or check out her Instagram.






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