The Disappearance Of The Word “CURE” From Modern Medicine

by Shelby

Does medicine actually cure anything? Did you know that the Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary is missing the words ‘cure’ and ‘incurable’ mistake maybe? I think not.

The words ‘cure’ and ‘incurable’ are actually missing in many medical dictionaries and things of that nature. The list goes as followed:

  • The Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary Ninth Edition, 2015.
  • The Bantam Of Medical Dictionary, Sixth Edition, 2009.
  • Barron’s Dictionary Of Medical Terms, Sixth Edition, 2013.
  • Medical Terminologies For Dummies, Second Edition.
  • Merck’s Manual Of Diagnosis And Therapy.
  • Harrison’s Guide To Internal Medicine.
  • Lange’s Current Medical Diagnosis And Treatment.
  • The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders.

You would think out of a list that long at least one of them would contain a definition for the word ‘cure’ but they do not. What in the world could be going on here? Why would anyone even do something like this?

This is because ‘cure’ is a word that is forbidden in modern medicine. Today’s medical practice has a serious issue with the word ‘cure’. Use of this word is little to none. ‘Cure’ itself is not something defined well when it comes to medicine. While ‘incurable’ is something itself that causes lots of controversy. This is because it is not scientifically possible to prove that something such as a disease is completely incurable.

Cures are something that cannot be counted in today’s medical science. Say you cure your depression the cure itself is not going to be recognized as a cure. Cure’s accomplished by health and not through medicine are not recognized in the medical field. This meaning there are many invisible cures out there for everything.

There are lots of illnesses that can be healed through medicine, things like parasites, infections, pneumonia and so forth, antibiotics can be considered a cure for those. If antibiotics can be recognized then why is there still no definition in most medical dictionaries? Because most medicines treat symptoms and overlook causes, “cure” is dissolving into the history of our medical systems, texts, and dictionaries.

Can We Define ‘Cure’?

Of course we can, an illness is only cured when the cause is addressed successfully. This can be achieved when we cure illnesses one at a time. While someone may be suffering from many illnesses we should address them one by one.

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