Move Over Cotton, Say Hello To Hemp – The ‘Forbidden’ Crop That Is Taking The World By Storm

by Shelby

Domestic hemp cultivation would be a very big boom for small farmers everywhere. Now I’m not talking about medical marijuana or anything like that but industrial hemp itself.

The cultivation of industrial hemp commercially is legal in Canada but here in the United States of America it has been pushed off to the side by the government. You see the thought of a hemp boom threatens the monopolies that control the government. Please take a moment to watch the video below.

Back in 1937 the cotton gin of the hemp industry was created making it much easier to produce in large quantities. This was called the decorticator machine, a machine that replaced hand shredding the hemp to glean its fibers. These fibers can be used for many things like; textiles, clothes, paper, and plastic! With this hemp should have been able to take over the world so to speak.

Hemp would take over the paper industry, the fuel industry, and the plastic industry with ease. Growing hemp in abundance is easy and harvest time is no more than six months so it seems perfect, right? Hemp itself was a cash crop for small farmers during world war II, these farmers provided hemp fibers for the United States naval ships and other military. Hemp was even important during colonial times farmers were pretty much required to cultivate it along with other crops.

People like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson knew early on that hemp was very important. Hemp itself is very beneficial to our bodies as well, it is high in things like omega-3 and is something I highly recommend. Hemp plants themselves don’t need pesticides or fertilizers. Hemp’s thick roots work to ward off weeds and growing hemp can actually improve the soil’s nitrogen making the soil much better for other crops as well.

You can even go as far as to making housing out of hemp materials. The sky is really the limit with what you can do with hemp. For more information on this watch the videos below.

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