The Agriculture Industry Is Mutilating Cows By Drilling Holes In Them

by Shelby

Cows are one of the most profitable commodities farmers and the agricultural industry have. Everyone wants to have the best meat, but at what cost to the cow?

One of the processes being used on cows now that is supposed to be due to health reasons for the cow is called fistulation. This is when one removes a large chunk of the abdomen of the cow exposing its stomach. They then put in a plastic ring to hold the flesh open. This is very painful and causes much torment to the animal.

cow 2

The agricultural industry claims that this fistulation helps improve the health of the cows because it allows microbes to transfer from cow to cow. To learn how this process is done watch the video below. These poor animals need help, nothing should have to endure something like this.

It is important to learn that animals are not our playground for experimentation and they are not pieces of machinery that can be drilled into and upgraded.

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