The 4-Minute Workout Routine That Helps You Burn Fat like Crazy

by Shelby

When you’re a mom or work a full-time job or do both it is hard to find time to make it to the gym every day. Luckily there is a way around that.

You don’t have to give up on keeping your body in shape. You can use the Tabata workout! Now, this workout is a high-intensity workout that only lasts a few minutes. In doing this you will be healthy in no time. If you have any sort of condition that restricts your workout routines I suggest asking a doctor before beginning the Tabata workout method.

The Tabata workout is perfect for people who are strapped for time. You can get an intense workout in just four minutes. Basically, with this workout, you spring hard for 20 seconds then take a 10-second break and repeat for four whole minutes. This can burn calories a lot more than you would expect given the time. It was developed by a Dr. Izumi Tabata in Japan and has been found to be far more superior than other exercise types.

Back in 1996, a study was done by the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, Dr. Tabata, and his colleagues took two groups of athletes, one group did medium-intensity exercises and the other did high-intensity exercise for short periods of time. These two groups were observed for six weeks and it was found that the first group was able to increase their aerobic capacity by 9.5 percent and the second by 14 percent.

The second group increased their lung capacity as well as heir oxygen utilization. High-intensity was proven to be more effective by comparison. The Tabata workout is able to burn fat much quicker because of the intense cardio. It will also give your endorphins, this is something that makes you happy. You will be building muscle and burning fat in almost no time.

In order to work your way up to this intense workout begin with longer less intense sprints and more recovery time in between. Increase the intensity every few days and work your way up to four-minute high-intensity workouts. You can mix things up as well but jumping rope, doing squats, push ups, pull ups etc. For a beginner demonstration of Tabata please watch the video below.

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