Study Finds Turmeric can Slash Your Heart Attack Risk by 56%

by Shelby

When you think of heart disease, the last thing that normally comes to mind is Turmeric. However, as it turns out, Turmeric can cut your risk for a heart attack by 56%!

Turmeric is perfect for treating a number of ailments. It is rich in antioxidants. protects the brain from neurodegeneration, can fight cancer and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Chances are you already have turmeric in your kitchen and this study is all the more reason to maintain a presence of turmeric in your home. Turmeric has been shown to improve your heart health just as much as physical exercise. How is this possible?

The study I am referring to was published in the American Journal of Cardiology. It states that turmeric extract can decrease the risks of heart attack by 56%. This discovery goes along with information published back in 2012 that said ingesting turmeric could be more beneficial than exercising when it comes to your heart health.

This is possible because of the primary polyphenol in this spice known as curcumin. It is an ingredient responsible for the bright color that turmeric has and can be especially beneficial to postmenopausal women who have reached an age where heart issues are more likely to occur. I suggest ingesting turmeric daily and exercising, this will double your benefits and boost your cardiovascular function dramatically.

Based on this study each person should ingest at the very least 150 mg of turmeric extract every single day. For tasty recipes you can make with turmeric please watch the videos below. My absolute favorite is the turmeric eggs, such a simple way to add turmeric into your daily life!

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