Start Doing This And Your Face Will Be 10 Years younger! (You Will Notice The Results Right Away)

by Shelby

Japanese women are considered beautiful looking and youthful even when they are on up there in age, have you ever wondered why this is? The Japanese claim that rice is the answer to their youthfulness.

It is true that rice is filled with many healthy nutrients. It even contains several powerful antioxidants that are known to stimulate collagen productions. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the skin.

Did you know you could reap the benefits of rice without eating it? This homemade rice based face mask will work quickly to smooth your wrinkles and have you looking younger in no time. Why not give it  a try?

Rice-Based Face Mask

  • Ingredients:
    • 2 Tablespoons of honey
    • 6 Tablespoons of rice
    • 2 Tablespoons of milk
  • Directions:
    • Put the rice in a bowl and pour 2 cups of water over it
    • Boil the rice and let it sit for three minutes simmering
    • Remove this from the heat after, let it cool
    • Strain the mixture
    • Store it in a glass container and add the honey and warm milk into the rice
    • Mix these well until you have a paste
    • Wash your face and apply the paste all over
    • Massage it in circular movements and leave it for fifteen to thirty minutes
    • Wash off with warm water

Doing this once a week will hydrate your skin and leave you looking at least ten years younger! You will be amazed by the results. This is something very simple that can and will change your life if you will allow it.

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