Soda Has An Evil Twin – Who It Is Might Surprise You

by Shelby

While we already know that sodas are bad for us. Most of us were not aware that the fruit drinks we often choose instead are just as bad. Lots of sodas contain things like caramel coloring which is a possible carcinogen. The best way to get a proper intake of fruit is to avoid fruit drinks and eat fresh fruit itself. Try choosing organic fruits as often as possible.

While fruit contains fructose the high fiber content usually acts as a appetite suppressant which helps to prevent over eating. This doesn’t happen when you consume fruit drinks. Generally with fruit drinks you end up consuming an unsafe amount of fructose and all those extra added sugars. Diet soda is also not a good alternative to regular soda or fruit drinks.


Diet soda contains aspartame and as you may already know aspartame is known as a likely carcinogen and increases the risk of early death by at least fifty percent in those who consume it regularly. Please try your best to avoid these drinks and take in more water. Be sure to eat fresh organic fruit when possible and do your best to stay healthy.

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