Healing Cavities (A True “We’ve-Done-It!” Story!)

by Shelby

Did you know that you don’t have to use toothpaste? Sounds strange right?

There are tons of natural tooth care alternatives. Holistic approaches really are the best way to go. You see the things we eat affect our teeth in a major way and so do the things we scrub our teeth with. There are many people out there in this world who do not use toothpaste at all. Scrubbing with water by itself can be a good alternative.

Oil pulling is a great approach, in doing this you will be able to reduce sensitivity and pain in your teeth. By swishing coconut oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes you will feel the difference quickly. Coconut oil works as an anti-bacterial and can pull many toxins out of your mouth.  If you quit toothpaste for good and use oil pulling instead you will find your teeth feeling much stronger and notice a significant amount of reduced plaque.

Oil pulling can also help get rid of cavities. Yes, it really can! Within just a few days of regular oil pulling you will notice the pain from the cavity is gone and after just a short month or two the cavity should itself be reduced or gone depending on size. As it turns out tooth regeneration is possible and pretty simple.

You see things like tooth decay are caused by nutrient deficiencies. If you happen to brush or floss it doesn’t really get any better meaning that brushing and flossing really aren’t doing much for us in the first place. If you work towards having strong teeth then they will resist acid. But, what makes teeth strong?

Good nutrition is the best place to start. Eat lots of good foods. Things like raw milk, meats, properly prepared grains, veggies, and nourishing fats like butter oil or cod oil. So, If you happen to be suffering or know someone who is suffering from a toothache suggest oil pulling. It really will make a difference.

How to Oil Pull (Coconut Oil):

  • Scoop roughly three teaspoons of coconut oil out of your jar and pop it into your mouth.
  • Chew on the oil or at least hold it in your mouth until it melts into a nice liquid. This shouldn’t usually take more than thirty seconds.
  • Swish the liquid around inside your mouth through all of your teeth.
  • Do this for at least twenty minutes then spit the oil out when you’re done.

The best kinds of coconut oil to use are the ones that are organic, cold pressed, or virgin coconut oils. If it smells like coconut that is a good sign that it hasn’t been processed too much. Why not rid yourself of those pesky cavities once and for all?

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