Scientist Discovers a Cure for Cancer Over 60 Years Ago (They’ve Been Keeping It Secret All This Time!)

by Shelby

Cancer seems to be our biggest medical issue and it affects just about everyone, we are all at risk of developing it. Yet, as far as we know there is no cure for it. Right?

One out of every two men and women will develop some sort of cancer in their lifetime. The number of cancer patients is forever increasing dramatically.

A lady named Johanna Budwig studied cancer for many years and even developed a treatment for it . This treatment has not ever been used since it doesn’t profit the government financially. While there is a growing interest in therapy with cannabis oil it is hardly available and most people end up throwing their money away on chemotherapy and things of that sort. This is because Big Pharma doesn’t know how to package and sell cannabis oil as of right now. Granted as soon as they can they will and it won’t be as effective since big Pharma wants us sick. The cancer industry is a huge business and is making lots of people very rich. There is a cure for cancer.

 “I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won’t listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won’t do it, so I’m blackballed in every country.”

As I mentioned before Johanna Budwig not only found a treatment, she found a cure. Back in 1951 she was known in the medical field everywhere and even won a Nobel prize. She found that cancer cells lack the things needed for them to mature and that the cancer patients red blood cells are lacking a layer of fat.

Through study she found a method that had a ninety percent success rate! Her treatment was merely a change in diet. She removed anything with additives and replaced things with mostly cottage cheese and flax seed oil. This combination provided the nutrients these patients needed to get the body back healthy once again.

It re-energized the cancer patients cells, this method helped people who had breast cancer, brain cancer, and gastrointestinal cancer.

Johanna’s method:

  • drink only purified water
  • get lots of sunshine
  • avoid meat
  • avoid sugar
  • avoid processed foods
  • grind your flax seeds fresh and eat them within fifteen minutes of grinding
  • use only fresh organic fruits and veggies
  • combine the cottage cheese and flax seed oil and be sure to blend it until no flax seed is floating.
  • avoid all drugs and supplements

You should consume at least eight tablespoons a day of this mixture. For more on Johanna’s protocol watch the video below.

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