Research Shows that Avocado Pits Fight Against Cancer and More!

by Shelby

While we know avocados offer many health benefits we may have been overlooking the most important part of the avocado. What have you been doing with your avocado seeds?

As it turns out avocado seeds have far more antioxidants than most fruit and veggies. The seed itself gives you everything needed to lower your cholesterol. Eating this seed can reduce inflammation in the body and is especially beneficial when trying to ease swelling in your gastrointestinal tract. Most people just throw the seed away but we should actually be eating it.

Did you know that seventy percent of all the antioxidants found in avocados are located in the seed? People have been throwing away seventy percent of the antioxidants they have been looking for! The seed itself has the ability to kill cancer cells, that is how powerfully beneficial it is. A recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Research found that a compound in avocado seed extract known as avocatin B can effectively fight against acute myeloid leukemia cells.

Ingesting the seed also has benefits for your immune system. This is because the seed contains things like catechins and procyanidins that have anti-inflammatory properties. These things reduce stiffness, joint pain, and swelling. The presence of flavonol in avocado also helps protect us from the cold a well as the flu.

As you are most likely already aware avocados are a good source of healthy monosaturated fats. These fats are great for our hearts but that is not all the avocado has to offer for your heart. The seed contains just the right amount of amino acids. This in term prevents things like strokes and heart attacks.

The seed is also something that contains many fat burners. If you’re trying to lose weight the last thing you’d want to do is throw this plethora of benefits away. The list of benefits to eating this seed really does seem almost endless.

Eating this seed can benefit you in the ways mentioned above and as follows:

  • Treating diarrhea
  • Prevent tumor growth
  • Prevent epilepsy
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Eliminate the appearance of blemishes.
  • Regulate thyroid disorder
  • Can be used topically as a muscle relaxer.
  • Boost collagen formation

The seeds from your avocados do things to help you look and feel younger on the inside and outside. Of course, at first, it may seem almost impossible to ingest the seed from an avocado as it is extremely hard but it is much easier than it looks. As I have mentioned in past articles too much of a good thing can be bad but an avocado seed every once and awhile may do you a world of good. Here is how to prepare the seed to be eaten, enjoy!

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