Research: Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals

by Shelby

The amount of evidence indicating that plants and not chemicals are the solution when it comes to curing cancer is almost endless. We are finally beginning to learn just what causes cancer and how to rid ourselves of it.

A study recently published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology it is titled “The use of plant – derived bioactive compounds to target cancer stem cells and modulate tumor microenvironment.” This study goes over how all dietary compounds have the ability to act at the epigenetic level in cancer cells which influences the epigenome in a positive or negative way. Through this study, they have found that plant-derived compounds have the capacity to reverse adverse epigenetic mutations in cancer cells.

The study goes on to cover how phytocompounds may be exploited in order to prevent cancer and even treat it in the future. It makes some great points when talking about chemo-radiotherapy resistance when it comes to cancer stem cells and how this causes tumor relapse. Our war on cancer has been extremely misguided until recent times.

New research is helping people to see cancer as something we get from things like dietary incompatibilities, chemical exposure, and other issues. Cancer is not something that just happens. for more information on this and the Cancer Stem Cell Theory please watch the video below.

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