New Cannabis Milk to Treat Anxiety Coming To Stores Near You

by Awareness Act

There is now a completely legal way to enjoy the benfits of CBD in a refreshing drink. Relax by Rawlington is made from 100% organic hemp milk that contains CBD oil.

Looking for a way to wind down and relax after a long and stressful day? Well, look no further, because this anti-anxiety cannabis milk will be available soon! What could be more relaxing than cannabis infused milk?


Relax by Rawlington is made from 100% hemp milk laced with CBD oil. With claims of the ability to soothe anxiety, provide pain relief, ease stress and provide a restful nights sleep; this handy beverage does it all.

Including ingredients such as cannabis oil, hemp seeds, cashews, dates, coconut oil and water, Relax milk is sure to be loaded with deliciousness as well.

Michael Isted is a psychotherapist and development consultant for the plant-based food company, and he told that he wanted to develop a CBD-based drink because of the medicinal benefits it would provide.

CBD oil is made from hemp, without all of the psychoactive properties found in typical cannabis compounds like THC, so you won’t get stoned by drinking Relax.


CBD oil reacts to the body’s cannabinoid system, and that is how you obtain the benefits of better mood, regulated sleep, hormonal balance, immune response and pain relief. So while you won’t feel high, you will receive benefits of plenty.

The good news? CBD will soon become recognized medicine as of November 1st, due to new legislation.

And it works. According to Rawlington’s founder, John Taba, customers have reported feeling calm and soothed after drinking Relax. Taba also encourages caution when consuming the drink, so that you are able to obtain the maximum benefits.

“It’s subtle, but so far all who have consumed the drink mindfully have felt the desired effect. I don’t mean to use the word mindfully in a hipster way, just more a case of someone actually paying attention to how they feel before hand, during drinking and afterwards instead of having it as a drink to wash down a meal with!”

According to he isn’t boasting or tooting his own horn either because the product works.

“‘I didn’t feel significantly more relaxed but my shoulder definitely felt better that evening and I was very sleepy,’ she says, after swigging the stuff in the office.”

“‘I think it’s magical in terms of pain reduction and sleepiness.’”


This all natural, organic drink should have widespread availability soon, thanks to the new legislation that is taking place, so you can see for yourself when it hits your local grocery store. With a beautiful variety of included tastes and health benefits, it is safe to say it will become a staple among the health conscious. Just remember to heed the words of the company’s founder, and drink it with awareness to your current state of mind, so that you can reap maximum benefits.

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