Never Let People Kiss Your Baby’s Lips! Here Is Why…

by Shelby

If you are a mother or father then you know the importance of keeping your precious baby safe and healthy. However, sometimes we overlook some of the most important ways to keep them healthy.

One mom in the UK whose name is Claire Henderson had a newborn baby girl named Brooke who was kissed on the mouth. Because of this one little kiss Brooke had to spend five whole days in the hospital with herpes on her cheeks, chin, and lips. Allowing people to kiss your baby is disgusting and completely unsafe for the health of your child. Cold sores can be deadly for newborns under three months old. Brooke was lucky and made it through this unfortunate event.

Even if someone looks healthy you should never let them kiss your baby on the lips. Of course, this is not something that happens all the time but it does happen. The threat is there and when it comes to our children preventing people from kissing them on the mouth is the least I can do. By kissing your baby people are putting your child at risk. You wouldn’t let a sick person around your newborn so why would you allow someone to kiss them on the mouth? You know how much bacteria is in our mouths? We are disgusting beings.

Your baby is at a crucial point and deserves to develop without dealing with something like this. If you notice someone with a cold sore getting too close to your child please let them know to keep a distance. Your child’s health is more important than not wanting to offend others.

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