Never Buy Laundry Detergent Again by Switching to This Natural 2-Ingredient Mixture

by Shelby

Commercial laundry detergent is something we use all the time without taking the effects it could have on us into consideration. That is until we have some sort of reaction.

Skin irritation and rashes are actually quite common when it comes to side effects from laundry detergent. One study done by the University of Washington found that most high-profit laundry products are riddled with toxic compounds. Throughout their research, the professors found that there are about 100 volatile organic compounds being emitted from the six products they tested as well as carcinogens.

This study alone is enough to make you want to try a more natural ‘detergent’ on your clothes, right? Luckily there is a product out there that can be used to clean clothes without the dangers of toxicity. That product is known as white vinegar. You may have some in your pantry right now!

Here’s How to Use it:

White vinegar is highly acidic which makes it great for things like this. Add white vinegar directly on stains before washing.

Things needed:

  • Salt
  • White vinegar


  • Add one cup of white vinegar to a normal sized load of laundry in place of detergent.
  • Then add 4 teaspoons of salt and start your washer.
  • That’s it!

White vinegar will do everything detergent will except for irritate your skin. It works effectively to fight off odor as well as removing stains. Switching from detergent to white vinegar could easily be one of the healthiest things you can do. Why not give it a try?

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