Must-read: Why You Need to Stay Away From These Vitamins

by Shelby

Natural vitamins are amazing for your body! However, some Pharmacy manufactured vitamins can be very harmful! Stay away from these vitamins!

Multivitamins account for over 40% of all supplemental purchases. A total of about $5.7 Million out of the nearly $37 billion in supplement sales in 2014. The number one vitamin producer is known as Centrum. They are the number one selling vitamins in the country! The brand is owned by Pfizer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies on Earth. Actually, they’re the largest Pharma company that deals mainly in manufactured chemicals! The largest natural vitamin producer also deals mainly in chemicals. How wonderful!

Pfizer has been involved in many different cases of fraud and legal battles. The company was threatened to be sued over false claims about the vitamins in 2012. They were threatened by the group, “Center for Science in the Public Interest“. The company settled and was forced to pull claims about breast and colon health but still clung to another controversial language on its bottles about various health-promoting benefits.

The vitamins known as Centrum Vitamins, contain harsh chemicals and ingredients. Chemicals that are used in making line tin, coal, and propel jets are also used in these vitamins. At least three preservatives and several color additives, along with various chemicals and additives that are toxic to your health and even carcinogenic, are found in the ingredients of Centrum vitamins. The vitamins contain ingredients like GMO corn starch, which is a genetically modified version of corn. It can damage your heart, kidneys, and sometimes is fatal. While there are many other harsh ingredients in the vitamins, you should simply refrain from trying them out. They are essentially toxic. Vitamins are amazing for the body, just be sure to get them from a natural source. Do not let the corruption of Pfizer scare you away from vitamins.

You would think it couldn’t get any worse, but you’re wrong. Even more shockingly, Centrum Vitamins for children contain even worse chemicals. They contain Aspartame. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener commonly used in diet soft drinks. This caused a whole epidemic in itself because aspartame is a well-known carcinogen. Due to the discovery of that fact, it has been removed from many different foods and drinks – but not our children’s vitamins. once digested and can lead to as many as 40 adverse side effects, including cancer, lupus, ADD, birth defects, multiple sclerosis and more.


Here are some other toxic ingredients found in Centrum Vitamins :

  • Food Dye Blue 2 — You can change the color, but you won’t change the side effects. Food dyes and color additives are some of the most toxic ingredients found throughout the processed food market today, especially for children. This dye, banned in Norway, has a large link to brain tumors aside from the typical menu of learning disorders and general malaise.
  • Cupric Oxide — Cupric oxide, a copper mineral, is listed as a hazardous material in Europe. Need more reason to avoid it? It’s also listed as dangerous to the environment and is the reason why we have to go to such great lengths to dispose of batteries. Even worse, kidney disease and childhood cirrhosis are a few side effects to start.
  • Zinc Oxide — Also classified as harmful and hazardous in Europe, zinc oxide is what makes the SPF in sunscreens — and why most sunscreens are toxic. It can cause constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach and more.
  • Hydrogenated Oil — Otherwise typically safe in their natural state, hydrogenated oils quickly turn toxic when processed under extreme heat, atmospheres of pressure and injections of metals. Ingesting these oils clogs the arteries, causing massive heart and arterial issues, as well as producing cholesterol to bandage artery walls that have been impacted. Because of the vascular problems, the brain is often affected, and side effects can lead to Alzheimer’s and ADHD. In some cases, it can only take minutes after ingesting to start impacting your system!
  • Food Dye Yellow 6 — This toxic food dye is a carcinogen and can lead to allergies, tumors on the kidneys and testes, as well as chromosomal damage. It can also lead to hyperactivity, restlessness, and even ADHD. The increase in processed snack and fast foods in correlation to the rising number of children on behavioral medications cannot be dismissed.
  • Titanium Dioxide — This naturally occurring mineral has recently been found to possibly be carcinogenic to humans. It’s used in many products to increase whiteness, such as paints, ink, paper, and even cosmetics and toothpaste. The FDA has previously listed it as a safe pigment when 99 percent pure. However, in recent studies on rats, exposure to the dust fragments of titanium dioxide caused lung cancer.
    Polyethylene Glycol — This compound is often used in the manufacturing of coal-burning plants, rocket fuel as well as over-the-counter laxatives. This additive can cause hives and other allergic reactions, kidney damage and esophageal bleeding, or tears. It ‘s also been linked to autism. One other side effect, sometimes more common in children, is called encopresis, which is a continuous leakage of semi-formed feces.

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