More Than 20 Million People Have Watched This Close-Up Blackhead Extraction

by Shelby

Pimple popping videos are something we cannot help but watch sometimes. So gross but yet for some reason we just cannot look away!

Have you ever seen a zit popping video? They are all over YouTube and social media in general. People are constantly sharing and binge watching these nasty videos. What makes them so addicting?

These videos are disgusting and yet so satisfying, to say the least. The satisfaction factor is definitely the reason behind our obsession with these videos. We are also for some reason more likely to pass along something disgusting verse something that is not. This blackhead removal video has already racked up over 20 million views and counting. It is intense on so many levels. Watch this blackhead extraction video below. Be prepared for the nastiness! Thanks for this one Mach5Weird! (original video posted on facebook)


Acne treatment is very important for information on adult acne please watch the video below. While we may watch these pimple videos we do not want to be in them. Please take precautions when it comes to your skin health. Your skin is a very important part of your body.

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