Just 2 Cans of Monster Energy Can Kill! Avoid at All Costs!

by Shelby

Energy drinks have been a major trend since the mid-2000’s, but new studies show that they are extremely dangerous! Monster Energy, one of the most popular drinks, can supposedly kill you if you were to drink two a day!

Some people have even started calling Monster Energy the Cocktail of Death – scary huh? Well, although they taste good, they are filled with ingredients that are horrible for our bodies. Monster energy isn’t the only one either. You might have also heard of Red Bull, Full Throttle, Rockstar, and Nos.


The drinks are most popular among teenagers. You can buy them virtually anywhere too, and there are no warnings on the can either. The contain ingredients that don’t necessarily poison, but when combined together they become even more toxic. Some of them are even advertised to be caffeine free, but it contains a chemical identical to caffeine. It is known as guarana. It is basically the equivalent to caffeine, and might even be a little more dangerous.

Chemicals in these drinks such as Ginseng, Caffeine, and Guarana can cause some serious adverse side effects. They can increase your blood pressure, induce heart palpitations, diarrhea, dizziness, irritability, nausea, and nervousness. This is only the beginning of the list too. Other ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba can actually be healthy for the body, but when taken in such mass amounts it can be dangerous – just like anything else. The only issue is that the energy drinks already contain too much. Much less if you were to drink more than one energy drink at a time. RockStar drink made a big headline in 2012 when they got a warning from FDA about the unsafe use of Ginkgo in their drinks.


Even the safe ingredients in the drinks aren’t safe anymore. Anything can be dangerous if you have enough of it, and that is exactly why energy drinks are dangerous. They contain tons of sugar! Not just any kind of sugar either – the cheap, refined, artificial stuff that comes from GMO corn. Taurine, another ingredient in energy drinks can be so dangerous that some countries have even banned it. France, Denmark, and Norway have all banned the ingredient Taurine due to its dangerous side effects. According to globalhealingcenter.com, in a study, researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York say they were “surprised” to find taurine “extraordinarily active” on brain receptors.

Energy drinks are simply toxic. They were never really made for people to drink – they were made to make some people a lot of money. These drinks are horrible for your health, and there are even natural ingredients that you can get energy from! Honey is a great natural source of energy. Simply taking a teaspoon of raw honey might do the job! Not to mention it even has health benefits! Point being – skip energy drinks; they’re monsters.

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