Is Your Perfume Making You Sick? New Study Suggests so!

by Shelby

New research is showing that those ‘smell good’ sprays we love so much may be doing harm to our health. Should you throw yours out?

We spray these things on our necks and wrists almost daily without thinking. What is this stuff doing to our bodies? New research from a recent study at the University of Melbourne has found that one in three Australians have reported adverse effects from frequent use of these products.

These adverse effects include things like breathing issues, migraines, skin irritations, and in some cases asthma attacks. These products don’t just stop at perfumes and body sprays you could also categorize hand soaps, household cleaners, and even scented candles with them. They could all have disabling effects depending on the person and the product. Breathing the wrong thing too much can just about cost you your life. If you have a section of your room that looks like the image below you need to know about this dangerous issue.


Fragranced products are becoming an increasing issue all around the world and specifically making a big impact in Australia. According to Professor Anne Steinemann overall, almost all of the Australian population is exposed to fragranced products once a week if not more frequently. Findings from this study show that almost ten percent of people have had time off of work or even lost their job because of illnesses they developed from exposure to fragrance products.

When it comes to things like this we need to try and go for fragrance-free products. Now, if that is not an option or someone in the same household as you refuses to stop, open a window. The more air flow the better when it comes to being exposed to these things. For more information on this specific study please take the time to click here or watch the video below for a walkthrough of the issues that can come from using these products on a more detailed level. These things are very dangerous, no matter how cute the container may be.

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