Is Big Pharma Responsible for the Mysterious Deaths of 50 Holistic Doctors?

by Shelby

Big Pharma is known for being overly corrupt as new information on that matter is released just about every single day. It comes at no surprise that they would or have even gone the extra mile to have people killed.

It has came to light recently that over 50 holistic doctors have mysteriously died. Could Big Pharma be behind this? Many of these doctors have died abruptly under strange circumstances. It seems the only finger to be pointed is one at Big Pharma, with holistic doctors out of the way they can continue to push their unhealthy practices on people for profit all they want.

These doctors wanted to expose the truth about Big Pharma and this would have cost them millions, isn’t that motive enough? While there is no concrete evidence at this time I have no doubt in my mind that Big Pharma is behind this. Corporations should not be above the law, something needs to be done.

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