Ikea To Use Mushroom Based Packaging That Will Decompose In A Garden Within Weeks…

by Shelby

Pollution – we’ve all heard about it, we all know it’s serious, yet we have yet to really do something about it. Luckily some major corporations are taking an environmental leap for a change.

It is not often that you see a corporation doing something for the greater good of the Earth, public, or anyone else other than themselves. In fact, some corporations such as Monsanto, are the prime reason that the earth is in environmental peril. However the cruelty of the other corporations, Ikea is trying to make up for it. They are to be using biodegradable mushroom packaging! The packaging will break down and decompose in a garden in just 4 weeks!

The furniture store Ikea is looking to use a mycelium fungi packaging as part of its efforts to increase recycling. The mycelium packaging will grow much like roots – it will branch out and attach itself to the toil or whatever surface it’s growing on. The packaging will serve as an alternative to styrofoam and was created by an environmental company, Ecovative. They call it ‘Mushroom Packaging’.

The packaging can simply be disposed of by throwing it in the garden. The head of sustainability from Ikea stated to the press that Ikea is looking to introduce the mycelium packaging because a lot of products that traditionally come in polystyrene cannot be recycled properly. Polystyrene packaging often finds its way into the sea killing marine life, and even land animals. If it isn’t killing animals then it is ruining the environment because it is 0% biodegradable.

“The great thing about mycelium is you can grow it into a mold that then fits exactly. You can create bespoke packaging,” said Yarrow, Ikea head of sustainability. 

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