“I Spent My Career Watching Pets Die” Veterinarian Speaks Out, Presents Decades of Research Linking Pet Deaths to Over-Vaccinations. His Plea is Met with Laughter…

by The Rebel Pharmacist

Like humans’ dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but what I told you that unlike humans all dogs are given the same dosage of vaccinations no-matter what size they are. Yes, you read that correctly an 8 pound Chihuahua gets the same dose as a 100 pound Great Dane.

Connecticut Doctor John Robb has been fighting to save pet lives for the past 32 years. Like a doctor, he took an oath to protect the lives of his patients no matter the circumstances, even if that means breaking the law.

He has been outspoken when it comes to vaccines, which he rightfully sees as dangerous. Because of his educated opinion and compassion for the animals that he treats he has been ridiculed, arrested, ignored, put on probation, and even lost his clinic. Thankfully, none of that has stopped him from doing what he knows is right; he refuses to stop until animals are no longer suffering, injured and dying due to vaccinations.

Did you know that the number of vaccines is not regulated? Not just that, the dose is also not adjusted for body weight, making the shot potentially dangerous or worse, lethal for smaller sized animals.

Dr. Robb has been administering half shots of the vaccines to his smaller patients, which has gotten him into a lot of trouble over the years.

People always treat animals as if they are lesser beings, putting them in harm’s way just to prove this point. My question is if you wouldn’t give adult doses of vaccines to children because of potential harm, why would you give full doses to small animals?

“If you know that you are going to inject a vaccine into a pet that has the potential to kill him and you know the pet doesn’t even need it, then you can’t do it ethically and morally, no matter what the law is.”

In the following video, Robb is talking to the Connecticut State Board of Veterinary, just to give you a little piece of what you are going to watch; Dr. Robb challenged the board with an ethical question, which was met with laughter from a representative:

“I asked the State Board if I have to kill an animal to obey that law, would I have to do it? They said ‘yes.’”

If that answer shocked you as much as it did me then you will know that this is one of biggest problems with health laws in the government. They are passed by people who have come straight from the pharmaceutical industry. This is an outrage!


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