I Quit Sugar For 30 Days and This is What Happened

by Shelby

Of course, sugar is great and all but for some people, it really is a drug. It comes in the form of all things delicious and is really hard to get away from.

While a lot of people know that sugar comes in the form of cakes and donuts they don’t always realize that sugar can be found in a lot of unexpected places as well. There is even sugar in bread! Added sugars can cause a higher risk of heart disease, HBP, and high cholesterol. One can of soda contains ten times the daily recommended limit of sugar so most of us consume well over our fair share in a single day.

This thirty-day added sugar detox is something I recommend you all give a try. The main goal of this is to gain more energy, get clearer skin, save money, lose weight, and focus on more REAL foods. The rules were as follows.

  • Must go a full thirty days.
  • NO added sugars of any kind. This includes all of what you will find in the picture following this list.
  • No artificial sweeteners.
  • No flavored alcoholic drinks and no mixers of any kind.
  • Try to set a serving limit on fruit as to not substitute fruit for sugar cravings.
  • Only allowed sugars that naturally occur in the food you are ingesting.

Make sure you clean out your kitchen before starting this challenge. For me throwing out my favorite snacks was the hardest part, be sure not to miss anything because once the cravings hit you will be searching for anything you can get your hands on. For the first few days, it will feel as if you have a constant headache and you will hate your life, to say the least.

Symptoms that go along with sugar withdrawal include fatigue, headaches. cravings, moodiness, anxiety, and muscles aches. However, by the fifth or six days you will be feeling much better you should even notice a difference in your body as any bloating you have should be going away. I felt lighter and you could see the difference.

Given the ten day marker, you may want to eat any and every sweet thing that comes your way but try to keep strong. Sugar cravings are very real and are awful. By the time you hit Day fifteen you may start to notice that some foods taste differently now. Bananas became my favorite thing. You are able to taste the real sugar in things. You will have to be creative with your meals though because when it comes to packaged foods sugar is in everything.

Once you make it to day thirty you should be feeling much better overall and have a lot more energy than before you might even be wondering if you want to add sugars back into your life at all. I went back and forth with this myself and decided one sugary snack a week would be okay. I suggest if you must have those sweet treats to limit yourself like you would never have before. You man not feel all that great when you first reintroduce it to your life.

This is similar to how if someone does not eat meat for a long time their body is no longer use to it and it will make them sick. While doing a sugar detox is a ton of hard work it is well worth it. If you want to give this a try but have no idea what you would eat click here for some recipes. If you want to learn about the dangers of added sugar please take the time to watch the video below.

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