5 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Need Sex Every Day

by Shelby

While this may seem a bit odd many men and women worry about whether or not they should have sex during their pregnancy. Some men even feel as though they may damage the baby with their penis!

Sounds like a legitimate concern, right? You do not need to worry about that at all, during sex the penis does not go inside of the uterus and the baby is always protected in the amniotic fluid, if your pregnancy is going correctly there is no reason as to why you cannot have sex. Women who are pregnant may even want to have sex more often than they did before.

Having sex during your pregnancy will benefit you in the following ways:

1. It will lower your blood pressure.

This is true, your blood pressure is significantly lower after sex.

2. The orgasms will be even better.

This is because of the estrogen flow being more drawn to your pelvis and your body being more sensitive overall. Your nipples and clitoris will be engorged and any orgasm you achieve will be much more amazing than usual.

3. It will reduce stress.

As a pregnant woman, you will be under a lot of stress and your hormones will be driving you crazy. Having sex will reduce your stress and help you get a good night’s sleep. This is because of the Oxytocin released during intercourse.

4. It will help you prepare for labor.

If you are full-term or even past your due date having sex can and will help your body prepare for labor. This is because semen contains prostaglandins which ripen the cervix.

5. It may help prevent pre-eclampsia.

Researchers believe this is because of a protein found in sperm that can regulate the body’s immune system. While this has not been proven it is very possible.

So, if you’re pregnant and were afraid to get your freak on put your mind to ease and get what you need. You will be feeling much better if you let your body do what it wants throughout this whole process. Enjoy!

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