How to Use Egg Shells to Heal your Cavities

by The Rebel Pharmacist

Did you know, you can do so much more with your used egg shells than throwing them away? Cavities are no fun at all, so let’s get rid of them using those egg shells that you would normally throw away!

As soon as we can see cavities forming we head for the closest dentists to a filling. What you didn’t know is that along with that filling came either a mouth full of mercury, yes mercury which can cause horrible damage to our brains or our nervous systems, or the white fillings that release estrogen which can lead to hormonal problems.

The solution to all this is to regrow our teeth, and yes this is possible. Our bodies are made to naturally heal themselves, but again we fill ourselves with chemicals and medications, and we halt our body’s efforts.

Egg shells can be the answers to all your cavity problems. Egg shells are high in Calcium and 27 other minerals that can help regrow our teeth. The composition of an egg shell is quite similar to our teeth and our bones.

The secret to this remedy is not some concoction, it is to simply eat the shell. You can blend it into your morning smoothie or juice, or you can grind it into dust and cook it in with your normal food. Buy Organic eggs, just like with our produce, we want the best for our bodies. We do not want non-organic shells that will reverse our efforts. Before consumption boil the shells in water for five-7 minutes to kill any bacteria or pathogens.

Another tip comes in the form of Confrey Root. You can buy fresh or dried comfrey root if using dried simply boil the root in water to rehydrate it and blend it with a few spoonful’s of water. Swish the mixture around your mouth for 15-20 minutes and spit out.

Only use the comfrey until your teeth are regrown, it can be very harsh on the liver so if you have any liver problems, just skip it.

You should start to see things progress in a few weeks, but it will take one- two months for the cavity to be completely healed.

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